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SOS Children is the world’s largest charity for orphaned and abandoned children. We care for over 60,000 children in 125 countries around the world. We give children who have nothing and no-one a new family, a home, an education and a future.

Children from the SOS Primary School, Bakoteh, GambiaWe are also a large school charity, as when there are not adequate education facilities close to a Children's village we will build a new schoool. Today there are 404 education programmes across the world, helping 130,500 children to be equiped with knowledge and skills.  

Although we do not offer schools linking, we do have teaching resources for schools, including the Our Africa project where children from across the African continent present their own countries.

Map of SOS schools

SOS Schools

There are 182 SOS Schools, 222 SOS Nurseries and 54 SOS Vocational Training Centres. Having an education means that children are empowered and informed, helping them to lead a happy and self-reliant life. 

Generally the schools are about 30% children in a nearby Children’s Village and 70% other local children living in the community. We also have projects for vocational training to help young adults improve their own standard of living.

If you are interested in supporting an SOS School please see read more about SOS Children for details of how to help. Click on a continent below to find out more about SOS Children’s SOS Schools around the world.

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SOS Schools in:
Boy at SOS School Mthatha South Africa
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SOS Medical Centres provide healthcare for children and families in need of medical care.