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About SOS Children

SOS Primary School Conakry GuineaSOS Children gives orphaned and abanoned children a loving family home.  We are the world's largest charity for orphans,and provide care for these vulnerable children in over 540 SOS Children's Villages in 125 countries. 

We provide children who have lost parental care with a supportive family environment in our Children's Villages. Here they live in a damily, and are cared for by specially trained SOS mothers in purpose-built family houses.

On top of this we run a lot of community programmes, often located in or around our SOS Children's Villages.  We run Family Strengthening Programmes, which aim to help the wider community, SOS Medical Centres and SOS Schools.

Many of our SOS Schools are directly linked, or even located within, our SOS Children's Villages.  We offer child and village sponsorships, if you want to support an individual child or village (this will include supporting their education costs).

Supporting & Sponsoring SOS Schools

You can help SOS Children educate some of the world's poorest children and give them the skills they need to escape poverty. If you are interested in helping to pay for the construction of a new school, then please get in touch with us ([email protected]). At present we are fundraising for several new schools around the world including one in Gambia and one in Zambia.

zambia-school-lusaka-b.jpgIf you would like to raise money for the ongoing costs of a school, then we would be delighted. 80% of your contribution will be sent to a given school. The remaining 20% will help us educate even more children and ensure that we operating to the highest of standards.

If you wish to sponsor a school, that's great. But to keep admin and accounting costs low, essentially you will be sponsoring (and will get information on) all the projects we have at a given location including the school, but also any medical centres, clinics, social centres, AIDS orphan community programs, Children's Village, vocational training centres etc. We hope you understand this.

If you are able to set a sponsorship up from a direct debit then fill in our online sponsorship form and fill in instructions with what you want us to do. If you intend to fundraise in your school to raise the sponsorship then talk to us and we will work some practical arrangement out.


If you have teaching qualifications and are interested in volunteering in one of our schools, please look at our volunteering opportunities. If you have a specific idea of what you may be able to do, and are able to commit for a significant period of time, then we may be able to help you.


With SOS Children, all sponsored children get medical care, food, education and a loving family from the charity.