DR Congo

Only 40% of children in the Democratic Republic of Congo attend secondary school. We're working to change this by providing quality education at SOS schools. 

Child at the SOS Children's Village Bukavu, Democratic Republic of CongoIn the Democratic Republic of Congo, there are currently two SOS schools and two SOS nurseries.  These facilities provide education to children from SOS Villages and from the wider community. Staff members are well trained and the resources available to students are of a high standard.  

Below you can read an overview of how we are helping through SOS schools in Democratic Republic of Congo.  

Help vulnerable children in the Democratic Republic of Congo to reach their potential.

Willy's Story

Willy is ten years old and goes to the SOS Children’s primary school at Uvira. In a letter to Father Christmas, Willy promised that if he could receive a bicycle for Christmas, he would ‘become the best cyclist’.

SOS Schools in Bukavu

The SOS nursery at Bukavu has 130 children, most of whom come from the local community, with around 20 from the SOS village.

  • The school is organised into five classes and offers a wide range of learning and play In the classroom at the SOS Nursery School Bukavu Democratic Republic of the Congoactivities, including outdoor games.
  • There is now a cooker and fridge at the school to help with meals and all classrooms are to be equipped with screens to help with the teaching.  

The SOS Primary School at Bukavu has over 400 students, with around 100 pupils from the SOS village.

  • Primary education (from grade 1–6) is offered in doubled classes to maximise the number of children who can attend. Pass rates of the pupils are high, generally over 85%. And recently, all 60 pupils in the 6th grade were awarded their National Primary School certificates.
  • As well as providing academic schooling, students take part in outdoor activities and organised trips, such as a recent visit to a tea farm and to a Research Centre for Natural Sciences.

Learn more about our work in Bukavu. 

SOS Schools in Uvira

The SOS Nursery at Uvira has over 80 children, including 30 from the SOS Village.

CV Uvira, DRC, Congo

  • Pupils are organised in three classes and the school is keen to show parents the importance of beginning the learning process early.
  • As well as organising physical games in the ordinary daily life of the school, games and celebrations also take place on the birthdays of the children.  

The SOS Primary School at Uvira has nearly 200 students, with around 80 coming from the SOS village.

  • Primary education is offered in six classes and pass rates for the children are high, at 80-90%.
  • The school is well set up with equipment and learning facilities, and recently acquired 200 new reading books and audiovisual material for physics and natural science.

Learn more about our work in Uvira.


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