Lee Hunter

Deputy Head Teacher at The Tiffin Girls’ School in London

“The beauty of ‘Our Africa’ is that it shows children in the UK the similarities between their own lives and children living in Africa. As well as showing the obstacles that many young people face living in Africa, it essentially shows young people with similar mindsets, ambitions, hopes and interests. It is a great learning tool.”

Sam Wintle

Class Teacher (Year 3) at Ursula Taylor Lower School, Clapham, Beds:

"The children spent the whole lesson engrossed on the site and not once came up to tell me they'd finished or ask what to look at next, which normally happens when they're given a task on the computers."

Our Africa Teaching Resources

Kenya teaching resources


Resource overview


KS3 Curriculum links

Looking for a job in Kenya You are a doctor working in Nairobi’s Kenyatta National Hospital.  You want to find a new job.  Where might you look for work?  Why?  (It might help if you can find out what is meant by ‘brain drain’).

population & settlement; employment; migration; population density & distribution Geography: 1.2a, 1.4a, 1.7a, 3g
Citizenship: 1.3d, 2.2d, 3j
Deforestation in Kenya
You live in central Kenya.  How might you have contributed to deforestation in this area?
population density & distribution; resources; forests; environmental issues; deforestation
Geography: 1.3a, 1.6b, 3f, 3h
Science: 3.4c
Citizenship: 2.3a
Growing tea in Kenya
You are a farmer growing tea in Kenya.  To whom might you sell your crop?  Who might end up drinking the tea you produce?
development; trade; farming
Geography: 1.2a, 1.6a, 2.1g
Citizenship: 1.3c, 2.3c
Working for a tour operator in Kenya
You work for a tour operator in Kenya.  How confident are you that Kenya’s tourist industry will grow over the next decade?  What reasons might you have to worry?
tourism; development; environmental issues; economic activities
Geography: 1.3a, 1.5a, 2.1d
Citizenship: 1.2c
Transferring money in Kenya
You live in north-western Kenya and want to transfer money to your sister who lives on the coast.  How might you get money to her?
development; poverty
Geography: 1.2a, 1.5a, 3g
History: 1.3a



Examining the causes and effects of urbanisation in Kenya
population & settlement; employment; migration; population density and distribution; urbanisation
Benefits and problems associated with tourism in Kenya  Economic activities; tourism; employment; sustainable development; weather & climate; environmental issues; conservation


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