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Lee Hunter

Deputy Head Teacher at The Tiffin Girls’ School in London

“The beauty of ‘Our Africa’ is that it shows children in the UK the similarities between their own lives and children living in Africa. As well as showing the obstacles that many young people face living in Africa, it essentially shows young people with similar mindsets, ambitions, hopes and interests. It is a great learning tool.”

Sam Wintle

Class Teacher (Year 3) at Ursula Taylor Lower School, Clapham, Beds:

"The children spent the whole lesson engrossed on the site and not once came up to tell me they'd finished or ask what to look at next, which normally happens when they're given a task on the computers."

Our Africa Teaching Resources

Religion teaching resources

Where, how and why do people worship?

Subject: RE  Key stage: 2  Year group: 3
Time of session: 40 minutes

Resources needed: 

Computer with internet connection and smartboard with speakers OR set of computers to allow pupils to work in pairs and headphones. 

Curriculum links: 

RE unit 1-f: Where, how and why do people worship?

Learning outcomes: 

Recognising and describing how Christians in other countries worship. 

Introductions – whole class input (5 mins):

The teacher will encourage pupils to share with the class experiences they have had where they have seen people worship. Possible answers include their own experience of worship, hearing bell ringing from their local church, seeing people dressed for mosque on a Friday. Tell pupils that today’s lesson is going to be about how people (mostly Christians) worship in different African countries. 

Preparatory activity (5 mins)

Tell pupils that they are going to watch some video clips of people worshiping in different countries. As they watch them, they should keep in mind the following two questions:

  • What two things can I describe about people worshipping in another country?
  • What can I describe about Christians worshipping in another country?

Main activity –whole class OR in pairs (15 mins)

Show or encourage pupils to view the following videos:

Plenary – whole class input (10 mins+)

Encourage pupils to share what they have learned about worshiping in other countries. Elicit which religions were mentioned in the clips, and which other religions there are.


Encourage pupils to draw an image of their choice as seen in the video clips, and to tell someone (pupil, parent or teacher) about what they can see in the picture. 



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