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Lee Hunter

Deputy Head Teacher at The Tiffin Girls’ School in London

“The beauty of ‘Our Africa’ is that it shows children in the UK the similarities between their own lives and children living in Africa. As well as showing the obstacles that many young people face living in Africa, it essentially shows young people with similar mindsets, ambitions, hopes and interests. It is a great learning tool.”

Sam Wintle

Class Teacher (Year 3) at Ursula Taylor Lower School, Clapham, Beds:

"The children spent the whole lesson engrossed on the site and not once came up to tell me they'd finished or ask what to look at next, which normally happens when they're given a task on the computers."

Our Africa Teaching Resources

Tourism & communications teaching resources


Resource overview 


KS3 curriculum links

Working in Botswana's Ministry of Trade and Industry You work in Botswana’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. In what areas of the economy would you
recommend the government invests over the next ten years?

economic activities;
Geography: 1.2b, 1.3b, 1.7a, 3g

A Pilot flying tourists around Botswana

You are pilot flying tourists from Botswana’s capital, Gabarone, to the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta. What do you notice about how the landscape of the country changes as you fly north?
population & settlement;
population density & distribution
Geography: 1.2b,
3c, 3f

Working for a tour operator in Kenya
You work for a tour operator in Kenya.  How confident are you that Kenya’s tourist industry will grow over the next decade?  What reasons might you have to worry?
tourism; development; environmental issues; economic activities
Geography: 1.3a, 1.5a, 2.1d
Citizenship: 1.2c
Transferring money in Kenya
You live in north-western Kenya and want to transfer money to your sister who lives on the coast.  How might you get money to her?
development; poverty
Geography: 1.2a, 1.5a, 3g
History: 1.3a
Holidaying in Malawi You are planning holiday on the shores of Lake Malawi.  What time of year would you choose to go and why? tourism; weather & climate Geography: 2.1d, 3f
Buying a car in Malawi
You have just moved to Malawi and are planning on buying a car.  What sort of vehicle might you buy and why?
development; migration
Geography: 1.7a, 2.1d, 3h
Going on holiday in Morocco
You are planning a holiday to Morocco.  Where might you stay?  What might you do?
economic activities; tourism; employment

Geography: 2.1d, 3f
Business and Ornithology in Senegal

You are a businessperson attending a conference in Senegal.  Where exactly might the conference be taking place?  You also happen to be a keen ornithologist.  Where might you visit whilst in Senegal?
economic activities; tourism; sustainable development; environmental issues; conservation
Geography: 1.2b, 2.1d, 3f
Surviving on the streets of Dakar, Senegal
You are a child living on the streets of Dakar.  What might your life be like?  Describe a normal day.
development, poverty; population & settlement, employment, migration, population density & distribution; population growth, urbanisation
Geography: 1.5a, 1.7a, 2.1a
Citizenship: 3g, 3h
Rural to urban migration in Zambia You live in Zambia and have recently moved from the countryside to Lusaka in search of work.  Where in Lusaka might you be living?  What job might you be doing? population & settlement; employment; migration; population density & distribution; population growth; urbanisation Geography: 1.2b, 1.5a, 1.7a, 2.1d, 3g
History: 3c
Conservation work in Zambia
You are a conservationist working in Zambia.  What species in particular might you be trying to protect?  What difficulties might you have doing so?

population & settlement; migration; population density & distribution; sustainable development; environmental issues; conservation
Geography: 1.2b, 1.6a, 2.1a, 3h
Science: 3.4c
Citizenship: 2.1a, 2.2d


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