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Advising arable farmers in Ghana

You are an agronomist advising arable farmers in Ghana.  What recommendations might you make to the farmers?  Why?


Link to 'Advising arable farmers in Ghana' pdf

How this fits

This scenario asks pupils to take on a role that they may not be familiar with or even have heard of.  Pupils are encouraged to think about the economic factors that determine what crops a farmer grows and to consider how innovative agricultural practices are helping farmers to maximise their profits.

Curriculum links


1.2a Understanding the interactions between places and the networks created by flows of information, people and goods.

1.4a Exploring the social, economic, environmental and political connections between places.  

2.1d Analyse and evaluate evidence, presenting findings to draw and justify conclusions.

3h Interactions between people and their environments, including causes and consequences of these interactions, and how to plan for and mange their future impact.


1.3c Considering the interconnections between the UK and the rest of Europe and the wider world.

2.3c Analyse the impact of their actions on communities and the wider world, now and in the future. 

Where to go

Climate & Agriculture; Economy & Industry.

What to watch

Welcome to Ghana!(video) ; Farming (video).

Follow-up questions

  1. Who might an agronomist in Ghana be working for?
  2. For what markets are the different crops likely to be intended?

Tags: development; interdependence; economic activities; farming

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