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Differences in healthcare in South Africa

You are a nurse working in Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town.  What differences might you notice if you were to visit a clinic in a more rural part of South Africa?


Link to 'Differences in healthcare in South Africa' pdf

How this fits

This scenario challenges pupils to think about how and why the level of development can vary within a country.

Curriculum links


1.2b Knowing where places and landscapes are located, why they are there, the patterns and distributions they create, how and why these are changing and the implications for people.

1.5a Understanding how sequences of events and activities in the physical and human worlds lead to a change in places, landscapes and societies.

2.1a Ask geographical questions, thinking critically, constructively and creatively.


3g The needs of the local community and how these are met through public services and the voluntary sector. 

Where to go

Poverty & Healthcare.

What to watch

Community (video).

Follow-up questions

  1. Why do you think the healthcare provision in South Africa varies according to where you live?  Are there similar differences in the UK?
  2. What might the South African government do to address the imbalances in the provision of healthcare?

Tags: development; healthcare; inequality; poverty

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