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Living in one of Morocco's 'tin cities'

You live in one of Morocco’s ‘tin cities’.  Where might you get water from to drink?


Link to 'Living in one of Morocco's 'tin cities'' pdf

How this fits

This scenario encourages pupils to think about how access to water in differs between and within countries.  Pupils might also consider what impact not having access to clean water has on the lives of people living in Morocco’s ‘tin cities’.  Links might be made to periods in UK history when people lived in similar conditions.

Curriculum links


1.5a Understanding how sequences of events and activities in the physical and human worlds lead to a change in places, landscapes and societies.

2.1g Solve problems and make decisions to develop analytical skills and creative thinking about geographical issues.

3g Human geography, built and managed environments and human processes.


3c Appropriate links should be made to some of the parallel events, changes and developments in British, European and world history.


3g The needs of the local community and how these are met through public services and the voluntary sector.

Where to go

Poverty & Healthcare; Education & Jobs.

What to watch

Red city, White city; Markets.

Follow-up questions

  1. Why are they called ‘tin cities’?
  2. What might the consequences be of not having access to clean water?
  3. Why might people move from rural areas to the urban ‘tin cities’?

Tags: development; healthcare; poverty; resources; water

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