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Overfishing on the coast of Senegal

You are a fisherman living on the Senegalese coast.  You have noticed that it has steadily become harder to find fish.  Why might this be?


Link to 'Overfishing on the coast of Senegal' pdf

How this fits

This scenario requires pupils to think about what effect a growing population has on a country’s resources.

Curriculum links


1.2b Knowing where places and landscapes are located, why they are there, the patterns and distributions they create, how and why these are changing and the implications for people.

1.6a Understanding that the physical and human dimensions of the environment are interrelated and together influence environmental change.

1.6b Exploring sustainable development and its impact on environmental interaction and climate change.

3h Interactions between people and their environments, including causes and consequences of these interactions, and how to plan for and mange their future impact.

Where to go

Climate & Agriculture; Geography & Wildlife.

What to watch

Cooking and eating (video).

Follow-up questions

  1. What might you encourage your children to do rather than become fishermen?
  2. What might the government of Senegal do to prevent overfishing?

Tags: economic activities; farming; population & settlement; population growth; resources; food

About scenarios:

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