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Punting in Cambridge and mahogany from Ghana

You run a company offering punting tours in Cambridge.  You notice that very little of the mahogany out of which the punts are made comes from Ghana anymore.  Why might this be?


Link to 'Punting in Cambridge and mahogany from Ghana' pdf

How this fits

This scenario invites pupils to think about why resources might not be as easy to obtain as they once were and to consider what the effects of this might be.

Curriculum links


1.4b Understanding the significance of interdependence in change at all scales.

1.6b Exploring sustainable development and its impact on environmental interaction and climate change.

2.1d Analyse and evaluate evidence, presenting findings to draw and justify conclusions.

3h Interactions between people and their environments, including causes and consequences of these interactions, and how to plan for and mange their future impact.

Where to go

Economy & Industry; Climate & Agriculture; Tree.

What to watch

Welcome to Ghana! (video); Funeral (video).

Follow-up questions

  1. What are the benefits of conserving Ghana’s forests?
  2. How might people profit from the forests without felling trees?
  3. Out of what other materials might punts be made if mahogany is no longer available?

Tags: resources; forests; sustainable development; conservation

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