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Travelling along the River Volta in Ghana

You are in a boat travelling south along the River Volta.  What differences might you notice in the types of farming as you travel from the north of Ghana to the south?  What might explain the differences?


Link to 'Travelling along the River Volta in Ghana' pdf

How this fits

This scenario requires pupils to think about what factors influence the type of farming associated with a particular region of a country.  This may lead into or follow on from looking at the different types of farming found across the UK.

Curriculum links


1.2b Knowing where places and landscapes are located, why they are there, the patterns and distributions they create, how and why these are changing and the implications for people.

1.5a Understanding how sequences of events and activities in the physical and human worlds lead to a change in places, landscapes and societies.

3f Physical geography, physical processes and natural landscapes.


3.4c Human activity and natural processes can lead to changes in the environment.

Where to go

Climate & Agriculture; Geography & Wildlife; Economy & Industry; Map of Ghana.

What to watch

Welcome to Ghana! (video); Farming (video).

Follow-up questions

  1. What factors influence the type of farming found in a particular region?
  2. What are other differences, perhaps relating to population density or the variety of flora and fauna, might you notice while travelling along the River Volta?

Tags: economic activities; farming; ecosystems; weather & climate

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