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Working for a tour operator in Kenya

You work for a tour operator in Kenya.  How confident are you that Kenya’s tourist industry will grow over the next decade?  What reasons might you have to worry?


Link to 'Working for a tour operator in Kenya' pdf

How this fits

This scenario requires pupils to think about the causes of economic instability and the consequences of this instability for people working in Kenya.

Curriculum links


1.3a Appreciating different scales – from personal and local to national, international and global.

1.5a Understanding how sequences of events and activities in the physical and human worlds lead to a change in places, landscapes and societies.

2.1d Analyse and evaluate evidence, presenting findings to draw and justify conclusions.


1.2c Considering how democracy, justice, diversity, toleration, respect and freedom are valued by people with different beliefs, backgrounds and traditions within a changing democratic society. 

Where to go

Tourism & Communications; Economy & Industry; Geography & Wildlife.

What to watch

Safari (video); Great rift valley (video).

Follow-up questions

  1. Why might tourists choose Kenya for a holiday rather than other countries in the region?
  2. What job might someone have working in the tourist industry in Kenya?
  3. What do you think might be the causes of political instability in Kenya?
  4. Do you think people working in the UK would have the same concerns about the future?  What concerns might they have?
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